Have you ever attended a training event or conference and found you learned more from your peers than the big name speakers? Little golden nuggets that get dropped over luke-warm coffee and an iced vo-vo in the tea break. Nuggets that have the potential to change your business.

They aren't necessarily big grand ideas, but smaller shared learnings that can really have an impact on your financial planning practice. We're talking smart business practices that boost the bottom line, and clever use of technology that creates efficiencies and happier clients. 

Learning from people that have been there before you, is smart!

The Planner Pulse podcast is here to help bring some of those conversations directly to you. No need to pack the kids off to stay with Grandma while you spend $2,000 for 3 days sitting in a darkened room.

So whether you're in the car, the train (block out the crazies), on a run, or cleaning the house, start listening and get smarter with the Planner Pulse.

Who's the host?

Susie Munro

The Planner Pulse podcast is hosted by me, Susie Munro. I run a business called Sixpence Media that helps financial advisers get their messaging and marketing sorted, so you can get on with helping your clients.

In 2015, I'll be launching an online training platform called Planner Playbook, that will help financial planners and industry experts deliver and receive highly specific, practical, web-based training.