PP 015: David Rae – Building a personal brand

Dave Rae

Today we're joined by Dave Rae who is a financial planner and director at Beames and Associates in Canberra.

He is a keen cyclist and was recently crowned the Count Adviser of the Year. He also writes a blog at davidjrae.com.

Listen and learn

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Why Dave started his blog and how it’s evolved over the last couple of years
  • What Dave is doing with video to help improve the advice process, and build relationships with his clients
  • The tools he uses to record videos
  • Dave's approach to each social media channel (hint: it’s different for each platform)
  • The overall resulting change in mindset he’s had throughout the last couple of years, and his new focus on continuous improvement
It's about getting to the crux of what's important in their life