PP 023: PRICING SERIES – Melissa and Steve Crawford – How I price my financial planning services (plus bonus value-bombs)

Melissa and Steve Crawford

Today we're joined by Melissa and Steve Crawford, who are husband and wife, and run three businesses in the financial advice space.

Melissa has a background in insurance and has an insurance coaching business called 19Thirty.

Melissa is also the insurance specialist at Experience Wealth, which is Steve’s business. Experience Wealth is a financial planning business focused on serving Gen X and Y young professionals.  

Steve also has a coaching business called Your Spending Coach, which shows advisers how to use Xero to manage their clients' cash flow.

Listen and learn

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How getting crystal clear about who your ideal client is, can help you create a service offering that is exactly what your clients want (and need) 
  • How Melissa and Steve price their financial planning services, including life insurance
  • Why they transitioned from providing commission–based insurance advice, to a fee model
  • How aligning (i) what the client perceives as value, with (ii) the value the business delivers to the client and (iii) the pricing model, can have a huge positive impact on your business
Perception of value