PP 027: PRICING SERIES – Gary Lucas – Pricing values and outcomes based advice (plus bonus portfolio strategy chat)

Gary Lucas - DMG Financial

Today we're joined by Gary Lucas who is a financial planner and director at DMG Financial in Sale – a regional town in Victoria with about 14,000 people.

DMG Financial is a mature business. It has accounting and audit divisions, and employs around 40 staff.

The chat I had with Gary was recorded back in April 2015, not long after the Trowbridge report was released. 

Listen and learn

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How DMG Financial – which is a mature financial planning business with a lot of legacy clients – is transitioning away from commissions and funds under management, to dollar-based fees
  • The process Gary uses with clients, and where the fee discussion fits within that process
  • How Gary has managed to get the team on board and involved in the transition process
  • What DMG recently changed around how they manage investment portfolios, so they are able to deliver better outcomes for clients
Engage the whole team - Gary Lucas [DMG Financial]