PP 030: ADVISER PROFILE – Phil Thompson – How to get started with video marketing

Phil Thompson

Today we’re joined by Phil Thompson from Thompson Financial Services, which is a small financial planning business in Melbourne, which Phil took over about 3 years ago.

Phil has been doing some really cool things with video marketing, and currently produces a weekly "Phil's Finance Fix" video which he emails to his clients and prospective clients. The videos are high quality, authentic and a great knowledge sharing tool.

Here's an example of one of Phil's videos.

Listen and learn

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Phil got started in financial planning (and what his previous, seriously awesome former career was)
  • Why he chose to create videos, over other forms of content, for his financial planning business
  • How his videos help him with the sales process (which he considers himself really bad at)
  • The process and tools Phil uses to script, record and produce videos his compliance team give the thumbs up to
  • How he is experimenting with the video streaming app - Periscope - and why he loves it
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People on this episode

 Phil's the one doing the handstand!

Phil's the one doing the handstand!